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Weekly Events

Sunday morning Service

Every Sunday morning, whatever the weather, we have our communion service. We have an early bird breakfast at 9:45 where Sylvia and Malc treat us to their special take on the continental breakfast, miss it and you miss out on something special. The service starts at 10:30. We enjoy inspired worship led by our young worship team who bring us into His worshipful presence with a combination of new and old music genres. During this service we come to the table of the Lord where we are replenished by His grace whilst taking communion. This is followed by the word, the most important part of the service, usually brought by one of the members of the church, unless we are blessed with a guest speaker. We believe in developing individuals to realise their calling in the Lord, whatever that might be. The meeting ends with worship, or as led by the Spirit. But we invite everyone to stay for a coffee and a chat, great fellowship is the key to developing the church family. For children up to four years of age we have a play area to keep your little ones entertained.

Children in the Church

We are a family church and welcome children of all ages. Currently all our children are either very young or older and able to enjoy the services with their parents. When we have children from 4 to 12 years of age we will re-commence our Sunday School. This will take place during the time the Word is being preached to the general congregation. Your children will be introduced to the Word of God, reflecting significant times in the church calendar such as Easter, Pentecost and Christmas and key individuals and truths from the bible. We will use a combination of crafts and play to inspire your children to learn about God in a fun and safe environment. Until then the younger toddlers are welcome enjoy the toys and soft play area in the church so they are close to their family.

Sunday evening service

Our Sunday evening services start at 5:30pm. The atmosphere during this meeting is lighter. We like to bring variety with a combination of shorter sermons, worship evenings, individual testimonies and we believe in supporting individuals who feel led to bring a Word from the Lord. Again feel free to join us for light refreshments and fellowship, no-one seems in a hurry to leave! We may use the time for special celebrations such as our famous Christmas Brass Band evening, or the equally popular Bonfire Night, where we will bless you as well as feeding you (for a small charge)!

Prayer Meeting

The prayer meeting is held every Tuesday evening at 7:30pm in the church. The prayer meeting is the power house of the church and we have seen mighty things happen through the power of prayer. Not least our purchase of this beautiful building where we worship and can truly call home. We pray for the church family locally and worldwide, and the town of Cheadle. The meeting generally lasts about an hour long but it is also another opportunity for fellowship.

House Group

We hold a bible study house group every Thursday evening starting at 7:30pm. We alternate the venue between two members homes and everyone is welcome. The house group is friendly and relaxed and an ideal opportunity to get into the Word of God. It is a safe environment to ask questions, expand your knowledge and understand the truths of His Word. We have covered a wide variety of topics using various modes of delivery including study guides and DVD's, these have included; the book of Revelation; the Names of God; the Ten Commandments; the Holy Spirit; Basic Bible Doctrine (Better Believe It by David Petts) and the J John series. We are currently studying the book of Romans and the truths of His word are unfolding before us. Feel free to get in touch to see where we are meeting this week and come along and get into the Word of God. Oh and if you haven't noticed how we value Christian fellowship, after house group everyone stays to chat and have some light refreshments.

Parent Baby and Toddler Group

The Parent, Toddler and Baby Group runs every Thursday morning 9:30 till 11:30 during school term times. The group is very much for the benefit of the community and indeed many families from the church attend and is suitable for children from newborn to 4 years of age. The group is run by Becky with some help from members of the church when they are able. We have a good range of soft play, sit on toys and educational toys and we are supported by Staffordshire County Council with a long term hire agreement which has provided these toys. We also like to occasionally include crafts, and at the end of each session the children and parents love the group chance to sing along (the hokie cokieis a particular favourite at the moment). Complimentary tea and coffee is included with the admission donation and toast and cheesy fingers are available for a small charge. It’s a great opportunity to play with your children and meet other parents. During school holidays we try to run messy churches sessions, check our events to see if one is running soon.

Who's Who

Here are the main points of contact for Cheadle New Life Centre

Chris Longhurst

Senior Paster

Hello, my name is Chris Longhurst and I am the Senior Pastor at Cheadle New Life Centre. I have been married to Christina for thirty years and we have 4 grown up children 2 boys and 2 girls and 3 grandsons who we are very proud of. I love serving God through the church and I am passionate about evangelism and our overseas ministry that takes humanitarian Aid to Romania which I set up in 1994. I work in construction and I am a Bricklayer by trade. I would love to see you....!!!!!!!

Scott Calvert

Associate pastor and worship leader

My name is Scott Calvert, I'm the associate pastor here and the worship leader, Im married to abbi and have two sons Abel and Roman, weve been part of the church from the start, and through it all God has been faithful, even when the struggles have come, he has been faithful! Excited for the future and what God is going to do!​

Sam Daily


My name is Sam, I'm 28 years old, married with a beautiful 2 year old daughter. I'm a founding member of CNLC and have been in a leadership position for about 4 years. I was brought up in a Christian household, but have really grown in my own faith in my 20s. I'm a regular speaker and have an active role in the running of the church. We've grown and changed as a church over the church. It's amazing to reflect on how far God has brought us over the years, and I can't wait to see what plans God has for the future​

Rebecca Pickford


Hello my name is Rebecca Pickford my role in the church is I run the mums and toddler group for the church I also sort out the hires of the building to other community organisations and people I have a great love for this church I was saved over 10 years ago and I love that God is never finished with me I love seeing how God as His hand on my life and on the churches life too God is great!

Michael Pickford

hello my name is Michael Pickford I been part of this church for many years I love Jesus and am proud to be a believer in Christ I love to hear the word and also preach the word of God .

About Us

Cheadle New Life Centre holds to the historic truths of Christianity. We believe the Bible: that the Old and New Testaments to be the verbally inspired Word of God, inerrant and infallible in the original manuscripts, and the supreme and final authority in matters of faith and life, interpreted by the Holy Spirit to each individual believer.

History of the church

Built in 1850 the Bethel was used as a Congregational Church and was paid for by the wealthy agricultural landowners around the market town of Cheadle. It complements the Catholic Church built to Pugin’s design in the town in 1840.

The church has been passed down from generation to generation and finally due to changes in church attendance closed its doors as a church in 2005-2006. It was used for a short time as a venue for the local market during the market refurbishment.

Personal Info

  •   +441538 269131
  •  The Bethel, Tape Street, Cheadle, ST10 1BG


Below are testimonials from our fellowship
I grew up in a Christian home and had a great family life. Despite this i still suffered some mental health problems in my teenage years that caused me to isolate myself from family and church life. It was only after a few very dark years that I accepted help from some amazing friends. In those years I learnt that depression and oppression doesn't always come from circumstance - for me it was just a product of a life lead criticizing and comparing every aspect of my life until I was consumed by everything I wasn't. Coming into the light again showed me that just trusting that you are SUPPOSED to be an individual brought a kind of freedom you can't ever have while you're trying to be a carbon copy. I know that God made me to do the things I can do best. My prayer is that anyone stuck in their own darkness would ask the one who created them perfectly, what unique way they were made to change the world ♡ x

Jen Withington

it is 5 years ago my late husband and myself joined a pioneer church with just five people (Cheadle new life church). now we have grown to about 40-50 people. the church is basically Penticostal which moves in the gifts and fruit of the Holy spirit. Each Sunday we have a lively worship, holy communion and a biblical based sermon. All of which centre on the Lord Jesus Christ

Barbra edgeington

We became a part of this church in November 2013, after Nathan met up with his old school friend Scott. After an evening of chatting and playing pool, Nathan decided that becoming a Christian was the path he wanted to take, so was saved that very night. I followed about a week later and we were both baptised in this church a week apart. On coming to the church we instantly felt welcome and comfortable here, we knew we were meant to be here, and since being part of it we have had quite a journey. In September 2014 we married here, which marked the beginning of family life for us. After being told previous to joining the church that we had a slim chance of having a family of our own, we prayed long and hard and were also prayed for that we would have the family we always wanted. In June 2015 we were blessed with our son, Canaan by means of adoption. The process of adoption was supposed to take around 12 months but after a lot of prayer and seeking guidance from God we were fast tracked through and within 6 months our little boy was moving in with us. We felt so blessed and grateful and God didn't stop there. 6 months after our son moved in with us, we discovered we were pregnant with our daughter, Sophia. So with the help of our church our dreams of having a family went from a dream to a reality with God giving us our miracle children. We are so blessed to have our family and be part of this church and know it would not have been possible without God, and the love and support we had from everyone in the church.

Tracy and Nathan Evans

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